Sequence quality control and feature table construction --Option 1: DADA2--

Hi every one!

while I am running the command qiime dada2 denoise-single with --o-denoising-stats stats-dada2.qza I have an error msg telling “… no such option: --o-denoising-stats” …

If someone have got the same issue …


Hello Manil,

What version of Qiime are you using? I ask because the newest version of qiime dada2 denoise-single does include the --o-denoising-stats flag, but older versions do not.


Hi Colin,

I am using the version 2018.2.


If you want to use the --o-denoising-stats flag, you will need to use the newest version of Qiime. You can install that here.


Thank you for your response.


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