SEPP running for almost 22 hours

I am running "qiime fragment-insertion sepp" on WSL2, 16 Cores, 96 GB RAM. Used following script
qiime fragment-insertion sepp
--i-representative-sequences rep-seqs-220602-22ASV.qza
--i-reference-database /mnt/h/Databases/sepp/sepp-refs-gg-13-8.qza
--p-threads 12
--o-tree insertion-tree-gg.qza
--o-placements insertion-placements-gg.qza

It has been running for almost 22 hours. Is it normal? HTOP shows 3.46G RAM in use, Tasks 23, 3 thr; 1 running. Shall I let it run or kill it? Thanks.

Update: About an hour after above post, WSL2 closed by itself. I suspected WSL2 maybe the issue. Therefore, I ran above script in Linux (Ubuntu). Script completed successfully in less than an hour. So, issue was related to WSL2.


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