Segmentation error - differential abundance

Hello, I am working on 16S seq pipeline and segmentation error is happening in differential abundance process. I appreciate you kind help.


Hi @anu,
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Please note that in order to recruit proper help you’ll need to provide a lot more information about your issues here. As the automatic new-post message says, please provide us at minimum with the exact (copy & paste) commands you are using, the exact error messages you are receiving (include the --verbse flag and rerun your command), the qiime2 version being used, and if you are allowed to share, usually the .qza file being worked on can tremendously help troubleshooting.

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Hello, I am not allowed to share the files. the error i am getting is given below,

tail: cannot open ‘feature-table-json.userLabel..metastats’ for reading: No such file or directory
Error in read.table(file = paste0("./", sample), sep = “,”, header = T, :
no lines available in input
Execution halted
cut: 'metastats.
.tsv’: No such file or directory

Hi @anu,
Unfortunately there still isn’t enough information here for us to troubleshoot your issue. Please see my previous reply for minimum information that we need to help and provide us with those. Of note, the message you are showing is actually not a qiime2 error itself but rather an R specific message indicating that the metastats.tsv file is not found in the folder you have directed it to. But without knowing the exact commands you’ve typed, and without the full error message (–verbose + not just a snippet of it) it is not possible to troubleshoot. We don’t even know which plugin or which qiime2 version you are using.

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