seeking help from the qiime2 forum

return code 255

Hi, I've met the same problem of this website, could you please help me out :weary: it puzzled me a lot

Hi @linzy35,

We ask that you please include the following details before posting to ensure that we can effectively help you address your question or issue:

  • Version of QIIME 2 you are running, and how it is installed (e.g. Virtualbox, conda, etc.)
  • What is the exact command or commands you ran? Copy and paste please.
  • What is the exact error message, if applicable? If you didn't run the command with the --verbose flag, please re-run and copy-and-paste the results.


Hi @lizgehret,
The problem has been solved, as the QIIME 2-2022.2 environment I tried to use at that time was a PACKED enviroment from others, and it needed

conda unpack

to initialize the environment.
Thanks for your kind reply! :partying_face:

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