sediment-non saline data


I read the paper titled "Beating Naive Bayes at Taxonomic Classification of 16S rRNA Gene Sequences" to understand the machine learning feature classification method on Qiime2. I found the sediment-nonsaline data linked in the paper that was used to develop the method that shows the frequency of several features in several soil samples. I would love to play more with this data but it looks like I need the actual sequences or the FeatureData[Sequence], rep-seq artificat to analyze the data on qiime2. Is this data available?

Hi @mcosele,

You may need to use q2-clawback. Specifically, run the qiime clawback fetch-Qiita-samples... command to obtain these samples. I think the code from this paper for some examples should help.

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I used "qiime clawback sequence-variants-from-samples --i-samples" instead and it worked

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That worked, thanks! But, I am getting an error message from Q2-clawback stating "Error: QIIME 2 plugin 'clawback' has no action 'sequence-variants-from-feature-table'." when I try to run "qiime clawback sequence-variants-from-feature-table --i-table ..."