Scaling error while running bioenv


I'm using QIIME 2018.6 and still encountered this issue when I try to run bioenv command on the Atacama soil tutorial data:

I would be grateful if you guys can help me to resolve this!

Hi @AllieNguyen!

That is very strange, thanks for the screenshot. I don’t think anything is wrong with the metadata, there’s definitely columns with variance in there.

Would you be able to attach bray_curtis_distance_matrix.qza to a reply? I’d like to look at the provenance, I wonder if something happeneds that caused it to lose most/all of its samples (resulting in a post-filtered metadata with no variance in the columns).

Hi @ebolyen,

Please see the distance matrix and the metadata file I used: atacama-soil-bray_curtis_distance_matrix.qza (51.7 KB)
atacama-soil-sample-metadata.tsv (11.7 KB)

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Hi @AllieNguyen,

Sorry for the very late response :frowning:

I think I figured it out, the Depth column after being filtered to the distance matrix contains only 2's which isn’t necessarily all that surprising, but it causes bioenv to fail entirely. If you remove that column, it completes successfully.

This appears to be an issue with our ordering of filters, I’ve re-opened an issue related to t his problem.

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