'SampleID' not recognized in metadata for gneiss

Hi there,
I have tried to run gneiss several times. I have seen the different threads about proper formatting for ‘SampleID’ and have not found a conclusion that works.
Right now, gneiss is not recognizing the name of my first column (SampleID), so it shifts all of my column headings one space to the left and runs the information under the wrong column heading. I have tried variations on this ( #sampleid, sampleid, SampleID, #SampleID, etc) and none of them have worked. Some variations create an error in the code, while SampleID allows the code to run, but the analysis is wrong because it has shifted the column headings so nothing is labeled properly.
Has anyone had this issue?

Hi @ccut,
What version of QIIME2 are you using? Please install and use the most recent version of QIIME2 — it sounds like you are probably using an outdated version, released prior to the current guidelines on metadata formatting.

Please let us know if you are still having trouble after installing the latest version.

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