Resources for Learning Move about Diversity


As such this is not the topic i should reply but, do you have any suggestions for videos, research papers or any other articles to refer for understanding alpha and beta diversity significance and plots generated in core metrics folder. I am having trouble in data interpretation. I know it is a lot to ask but i would appreciate if there are any suggestions to study.


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Hi @Kpatel,

I move this to its own topic, but I think it’s a big discussion, and an important one!

There are three links on the QIIME 2 resource page, all of which I think are good starting places. The Coursera is video lectures, mostly focused on 16s, but they should give you some of the basics. I’m not sure about the current release cycle, so watch that.

I know Dan Knights also did a series of video lectures a few years ago. I think these should cover both marker gene and shotgun. However, as full disclosure, I’ve assigned them to students but haven’t been all the way through myself. (The video of him solving a rubix cube in 13s is pretty cool, too).

Numerical Ecology by Legrande and Legrande is kind of a bible in this area, but may be more complex than you want.

And, of course, feel free to come ask questions and/or share resources here.

I’m hoping others have suggestions as well, because this is a common question and not always an easy one to answer.



Thank you so much Justine. Qiime2 team is really very helpful. Thanks!!!

I will try to get through all this material ASAP.

The rubix cube video was lit.