RESCRIPt --p-query won't download

I am trying to create a custom database for macroalgae to be then trained as a classifier to be used in QIIME 2. I have installed qiime2-shotgun-2023.9 since RESCRIPt is already available there.

When I run the following to extract the Chorophyta

qiime rescript get-ncbi-data
--p-query ‘txid3041[ORGN] NOT environmental sample[Title] NOT environmental samples[Title] NOT environmental[Title] NOT uncultured[Title] NOT unclassified[Title] NOT unidentified[Title] NOT unverified[Title] AND "green algae"[porgn:__txid3041]’
--o-sequences chloro-refseqs-unfiltered.qza
--o-taxonomy chloro-refseqs-taxonomy-unfiltered.qza

I get this error message
zsh: no matches found: ‘txid3041[ORGN]

The taxid is correct for the group on NCBI. I have have read the other forum pages related to this topic but nothing has seemed to help. I have also tried a number of different inputs for --p-query with no success and made sure to attempt the download during NCBIs 'off-hours'.

Thank you!!

Hi @Abigail_Scro ,

It looks like the issue is that you are copy-pasting this command from a document (MS Word? or another word processor?) that auto-formats the text and hence has replaced the single-quote characters (') with apostrophes (’). Replace those characters and your code should run.

notably, the error you are getting is coming from zsh (your CLI), not from RESCRIPt, QIIME2, or NCBI, so this is a clear indication that the command is not being read properly:

Good luck!

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Thank you @Nicholas_Bokulich It was the single-quote character! Went through without a hitch when I replaced the characters.

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