Rep_set.tre/fna files

Im tring to convert thing from qiime1 to qiime 2
I did my analysis using “moving pictures” tutorial
where can i find a file that is equivalent to rep_set.tre and rep_set.fna that I’m usually getting from the “”?

Hey @2508,

The equivalent ideas in QIIME 2 are the Phylogeny[Rooted] and FeatureData[Sequence] artifacts (.qza files), respectively. You can use qiime tools peek to learn more about any artifact (.qza file)

In the Moving Pictures tutorial we named these: rooted-tree.qza and rep-seqs.qza, but the particular filename isn’t important.

Instead of filenames we have what we call the Semantic Type to help you (and the computer) keep track of what things are (e.g. FeatureData[Sequence] or the representative sequences for a given feature).

Let me know if that answers your question!

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And since we don’t have clustering (yet), there isn’t a need to pick a representative of a feature, as after the denoising process, every sequence is it’s own feature (you can think of it as an 100% OTU).

Thank you very very much
Its was helpful!!

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