Reorder samples on the x-axis of taxa bar plot?

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As it is, my samples are shown in a funky order along the x-axis of my taxa bar plot. I have two pH treatments with 3 replicates per treatment and then days 1-21 of the experiment within each replicate but the days are not shown in a consecutive fashion within each replicate. Is there a way to reorder the samples? I have tried sorting by "replicate" and by "treatment" and the days are always in a non-consecutive order. I have attached my metadata file so that you can see how the samples are ordered by day within each replicate.

metadata3.txt (1.7 KB)

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add an extra sorting level (click on the “+” sign next to “Sort Samples By” to add one). Then you can sort by “treatment”, then by “replicate”, then by “Exper.Day” (three sorting levels!).

If that’s still not working, could you attach your QZV file? Then I could poke around to help troubleshoot.

Good luck!

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Thank you Nicholas. That worked. I didn’t realize that you could sort by multiple factors. Yay!



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