Registering or finding examples for --examples

Registering examples for --examples

Being unsure if this is more of a question or a suggestion, I want to say I'm lost when it comes to using the --examples option on various qiime commands. I've ran various commands with --examples (off the top of my head, deblur denoise-16S, dada2 denoise-paired, and feature-table summarize, but others as well) and only ever received this result: "No examples have been registered for this action yet." Searching this forum was not useful.

So my suggestion is this: if there are examples sitting around somewhere for the various commands that can accept --examples, they should be more tightly linked to the commands, because I can't find them. And if one registers one's own examples within the distribution, I can find no clue anywhere of how to do that, so more documentation would be appropriate and useful.

Thanks @wburgess - this is functionality that is still relatively new to QIIME 2, and is still a work in progress. You aren't missing anything, there are no real Usage Examples (that's the formal name from the Usage API) out there in the wild, and there is no documentation on this yet, because it isn't done cooking. More soon!