RE: Importing/converting (.SFF) to (FASTA, QUAL ,flowgram) using QIIME2

Hi Mathew
Happy New Year!
does the latest version of qiime2 support 454 sequence data?
Is the best option still to use qiime?
thank you

Hi @nietof,

The dada2 plugin has a denoise-pyro method. This method requires a SampleData[SequencesWithQuality] artifact, so you will need to get your data into that format first, which may still require an initial step involving QIIME 1. There are some discussions here on the forum which you can read up on about that. If you search the forum for something like “454 pyro,” you will find some helpful posts such as this one. Feel free to follow up here if you anything is unclear after reading other discussions about this. :smile:

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