Rarefaction of biom file

I have usually generated biom file from table.qza which is further rarefied to make new biom file for stat analysis (using R studio).
So far, I have used QIIME1 rarefaction command to make rarefied biom file.
(Please find the below command)

image single_rarefaction.py -i L5-feature-table.biom -o L5-feature-table-rarefied.biom -d 15000

I was wondering if QIIME2 has similar rarefaction function like the one in QIIME1.
And could you please let me know how to install QIIME1 if it is still available?
I refer to the link "QIIME Installation Guide β€” Homepage" which worked well before, but now it is somewhat not working to install QIIME1.

Thank you very much for you help!

Hi @scho73,
Check out the qiime feature-table rarefy action.

I can’t help with that part of your question β€” you should post qiime1-related questions to the qiime1 forum.

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