Rarefaction after collapsing to genus level

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I am using qiime2 and r for my analysis.
After dublur I usually export the feature table and taxonomy to r, then for alpha and beta diversity I do rarefaction with phyloseq.
Usually, for differential abundance analysis, I use the raw biom table and collapse to genus level.
Today I was asked to generate a rarefied table at the genus level. If I’m doing rarefaction of the feature table and then collapsing to genus - I get very different row sums for each sample.
Is it possible that I am losing genera that were unclassified to the genus level?

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Hello Lena,

It is possible, as phyloseq handels missing taxa differently depending on how they are represented in the tax table (NA vs g__).

Can you post the phyloseq code you are using to rarefy and tax_glom, along with the resulting counts? Thanks!

P.S. I've moved this to 'Other Bioinformatics Tools' as I think this is more of a Phyloseq question.

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