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Hello All,

I am unsure how to interpret the .qzv output file from demux. Is the reverse read plot saying that I have few, if any reads? These are Mr DNA data. The raw reads were run through the FASTQ Processor available from Mr DNA to generate read 1, read 2, and index files. These files were then imported into QIIME2 and run through demux.

I was able to run these same data using QIIME1.9.

Thanks for your help.

Hi @dbeaudoin,
It looks like the reverse reads are there but the quality plot is just really really weird — looks like Q scores have a tight distribution that jumps from low to high, but I would need to examine the QZV to make sure I’m reading it right.

I suspect the Mr. DNA processing does some funky stuff.

Try running it on through and see what happens — I suspect this may fail with dada2 or deblur. You may want to check with Mr DNA… it is their data and software, after all, that is delivering this unusual result.

I hope that helps!

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