questions about 'Convergence summary' in q2-mmvec

Hi, @mortonjt !
I have some questions about 'Convergence summary' in q2-mmvec.
Firstly, when I ran 'qiime mmvec summarize'. I found the first picture in 'Convergence summary' was blank. According to the prompt in 'Convergence summary', I'd better try to set '--p-summary-interval 1', but I actually ran '--p-summary-interval 1' and got these results. Therefore, wonder if I need to change some of setting.

Secondly, if I run q2-mmvec to analyze my data, regardless of 'Convergence summary', are my results still reliable?
Looking forward to your reply! Best wishes.

hmm … that is very odd. How was your train/test split determined? Did you automatically generate the splits, or did you manually specify them in your metadata?

Thanks for your reply!
It’s probably because my English and my understanding of MMvec are pretty limited, I’m sorry that I’m not quite sure what you mean. I just ran q2-mmvec following the example steps above GitHub.And in order to make results obvious, I anaylzed the microbiome and metabolome that had significant differences in my experimental settings, there were still more than 12 samples but my data was reduced( I think maybe I should try to analyze all of data?). And the output results, such as heatmap and emperor biplot, were normal.

Hi @hesterlee no worries. I was referring to the --training-column if you specified that or now.

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