Quasi-Likelihood method appropriate?

Hi…I would like to double check whether the the quasi-likelihood method, (glmQLFit and glmQLFTest), are correct to use when looking for genes which expression is affected by a selected polymorphism? I have a SNP of interest and run the glmQLFit which gave me nice logical results. However, the bioinformatician I talked to told me edgeR is not an appropriate tool for this sort of analysis

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I’ve moved this into its own topic, as it appears to be unrelated to the topic where it was posted. I’m not qualified to answer your question, but hopefully it’s a little more visible here and someone else can help you out.

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This sounds a bit like an RNAseq question where you're correlating the genome with the expression of a gene. Unfortunately, Im not sure we're the best place to help with this unless it's bacterial (and possibly not even then!) I think if it's an RNA-seq/genome question outside the microbiome, you may have better luck on a genetics forum or stackoverflow.


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