qiime2view page not found

I have tried viewing a number of different .qvz files using qiime2view and keep getting:

Page Not Found

Sorry, the page you are looking for does not exist.

Even when I try with taxa-bar-plot .qvz files that I have uploaded and viewed with no issues previously. Please can you advise on this?

Thank you

Hi @elayt ,

Welcome in the forum!

can we double check what address you are using?
On my laptop it does work: https://view.qiime2.org

The other possible point is on what browser you are working, not all of them are supported.
Please try firefox if it not that already.

Let us know if solve the problem.

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Hi Luca,

Yes its that web address. Weird because I have always used it on safari with no issues, and suddenly now it doesn't work.. Does seem to work fine in chrome though, sorry I should have thought to check that before troubling you

Thank you

Hi @elayt,

glad it worked on other browser!
Unfortunately I don't think is the first time that a Mac update broke the qiime2 visualization,
because it could affect directly the safari's web engine (well practically speaking at least I don't know the precise details).


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