Qiime2/Ubuntu and Qiime2/R help!

I have installed Qiime2 on Ubuntu 22.04.1/microcode WSL and thing went fine however I can not see Qiime2 outputs on my computer. I can not also figure out which commands could be used to converts Qiime files to be read by R-program. Any clue, I appreciate. Thank you

Hello @Qiime1, I'm not sure exactly what you're asking. It sounds like you installed QIIME 2 on Ubuntu 22.04, and that worked. What do you mean by you cannot see QIIME 2 outputs on your computer? What commands have you tried to run, and did they appear to work then not create outputs?

Thanks Oddant for your attention. I was not able to see the outputs of qiime analysis on my computer because the PATH was among hidden files. I located the root file and got the target files.

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