Qiime2 system requirements

I have used the Qiime2 virtual box package to import it into our server virtualisation insfrastructure, which is maintained by our academic IT team. We realized that the preconfigured VirtualBox package reserves ca. 2 TB disk space. I assume that this large space has been configured to run Qiime2 as a standalone server.
However, we store our sequence data on mounted NFS volumes in our IT department at our University and need no disk space for sequences on the server itself. I am wondering what would be the minimum disk space that we should allocate for a new Qiime2 virtual server? Do you have system requirements for a fresh installation of a Qime2 server available?

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That’s a great question. Let’s see what they say!

Presumably the native conda install would be smaller than the full VM, but I’m still not sure how big that is and how it fits into your IT platform.


Hey there @arwqiime!

Hmm, this is not consistent with what is configured - maybe something else was installed into this VM? Also, the 1 TB disk we specify is a dynamic allocation, meaning it starts smaller than 1 TB (usually 5-6 GB), and will grow to a maximum of 1 TB.

I think about 5 or 6 GB these days.