qiime2 plugins cannot be downloaded via conda

Hi, I tried to install qiime2 via conda with command conda env create -n qiime2-2019.10 --file qiime2-2019.10-py36-linux-conda.yml on Ubuntu 18.04.3. However, all of the qiime2 plugins cannot be downloaded as the following figure shows:

Is there any way that can help me out? Thanks!


Could you try to:

  • delete qiime2-2019.10 folder in conda/env/ (if it is already there)
  • search in conda/pkgs/ for files that are not downloading and delete them if they are there

and relaunch the installation command?

Thanks. But this problem is still there.

Hi @Endlare!
Can you give us a little more information to work with?

  • Is Conda producing any errors? If yes, please share the full text.
  • Any chance this is just an issue with Conda’s interface? Have you confirmed those packages are not actually installing? Activating the built environment, then running conda list will show you everything that is installed, and allow you to confirm whether e.g. q2-dada2 or q2-cli are installed.
  • Is Conda up to date? I’m running an ubuntu-based linux distro, and conda 4.8.1 right now, and am unable to reproduce your issue.
  • Are there firewalls or connectivity issues that could be interfering with the download process?