Qiime2 new version

Our lab is planning to update our qiime2 pipeline to the latest version available in 2022. Currently, it seems .2 was launched in Feb and a .4 (April?) version is in development. Is there a timeline on when the next stable version will be released and what major issues will be addressed? Accordingly, it might make sense for us to wait a bit longer to update.



Hi Rick,

The development is open-source and you may track it on GitHub using Projects Projects · qiime2 · GitHub


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Hi @Richard_Rodrigues1 - we're planning on making an announcement soon to let everyone know that the 2022.4 release has been cancelled, since there aren't many updates to include in it. We are planning on pushing out a minor patch update to 2022.2, soon. Once we have the timeline figured out for the next QIIME 2 release we will share it on the forum - stay tuned.

Sounds good, thanks!