Qiime2 installation through wsl- issue with wget

Hello all, I'm new to qiime2 and I'm trying to install through wsl. Using the command

 wget https://data.qiime2.org/distro/core/qiime2-2022.8-py38-linux-conda.yml

I get the following output

--2022-12-12 16:33:06--  https://data.qiime2.org/distro/core/qiime2-2022.8-py38-linux-conda.yml
Resolving data.qiime2.org (data.qiime2.org)...
Connecting to data.qiime2.org (data.qiime2.org)||:443... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 302 FOUND
Location: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/qiime2/environment-files/master/2022.8/release/qiime2-2022.8-py38-linux-conda.yml [following]
--2022-12-12 16:33:07--  https://raw.githubusercontent.com/qiime2/environment-files/master/2022.8/release/qiime2-2022.8-py38-linux-conda.yml
Resolving raw.githubusercontent.com (raw.githubusercontent.com)..., 2405:200:1607:2820:41::36
Connecting to raw.githubusercontent.com (raw.githubusercontent.com)||:443... failed: Connection timed out.
Connecting to raw.githubusercontent.com (raw.githubusercontent.com)|2405:200:1607:2820:41::36|:443... failed: Network is unreachable.

I have tried running it again with my firewall switched off, I get the same error. Also, I'm sure it is not a problem with wget, as I am able to successfully run

wget github.com

with no errors.
Kindly provide suggestions on how to debug this error. Thanks in advance

Hello @Heisenberg711, are you still getting the error? If I run the command exactly as you pasted it here I am able to download the file. It may have just been a temporary hiccup with the server or something.

I have been running the code for several days now, and I keep getting the same error. If you are able to download it, it probably means the server side is working correctly. But I do not know how to debug this error.
Kindly provide insights on how to solve this issue.

Are you able to access that URL from your system outside of WSL?

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