qiime1 compatibility

sorry per the Out of topic question!

I need to reinstall qiime1 for backward compatibility of a part of samples which I need to process exactly as the already processed ones.

I have some troubles with the current installation guide because it fails due to some libraries. Could you give me some suggestions?
Thanks a lot


Hi @MichelaRiba,
Re-analyzing the old data with QIIME 2 might be the easier feat to accomplish… qiime1 is no longer supported or maintained, and some of the dependencies are no longer available, so installing qiime1 in 2021 is a challenge. You could check the forum for similar issues:

And if there are any virtualbox images on the qiime1 website that might be the most reliable way to install…

Anecdotally, I know a few labs who keep a dusty old computer around because it has a working qiime1 installation, just in case they need it :joy:

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