Qiime tools import wrong!

It seems to be a question of authority but how can I change the default storage path? however I have do that “chmod 777 temp”

Hi @dad,

That’s strange, do you have permission to use /tmp/? Usually that directory is set up to let any user on the machine to write to it. Is it a shared device (perhaps on USB drive or network)?

To change the default path, you can set the TMPDIR variable in your shell, via

export TMPDIR=/some/other/directory/

But you shouldn’t need to do that.

It seems i have “write” to tmp,but i need “write” to the reads data ....like this

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Ah, I think I see what must be going on then. QIIME 2 will try to create a hard-link to the file (to save space) as it sees that your original files are on the same disk-device as the tmp directory. However it appears that hard-linking requires write access (which makes sense, you would violate user-permissions otherwise).

We should detect this and fall back to a copy, just like we do if it’s a different device. I’ve created a bug-report to track that. Thanks for helping me diagnose this!

In the meanwhile, you should be able to make a copy of your files (using cp or similar). This will give you user-write permissions to the data, and QIIME 2 will happily hard-link that to /tmp/ so it can zip it all together in a qza.

Thanks @dad!

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