Qiime moving picture data

Hello Qiime team,

I am very new to Qiime. I started following different workflows.
The first data-set I am doing hands on is qiime2-moving-pictures-tutorial.
The could follow reproduce most of the steps but I have a question related to biology behind.

Step1: involved importing the data where --input-path parameter seld recognize the data type (fasta or fastq)

Step2: is demultiplexing using metadafile. Here I have problem. I simply tried to grep the barcode sequences from that raw data but I could not find it. Can you please explain me how barcodes and Primers are used to demultiplex the data?

looking forward for your feedback

I do not follow your question. The importing command given in the moving pictures tutorial should successfully import the EMP format fastq data given in the tutorial. If this is failing, you are either

  1. using an older version of QIIME 2
  2. not importing the same data. See the importing tutorial for more info on importing different data types.

The barcodes are found in a separate barcodes file (see the barcodes.fastq.gz file here). Were you checking that file? demux looks for the barcodes in that file. Primers are not used in this process.

I hope that helps!