QIIME 2 Weekly Developer Meeting, Week of 2017.02.20

This is the discussion thread for the open developer discussion meeting for the week of 2017.02.20. We are still working on a day and time for this week’s meeting, and we will share that here once determined. Links to Google Hangouts and YouTube will be posted here just before the scheduled meeting start time. In the meantime, this thread can be used to plan topics for discussion during the meeting.

I created a poll for the new weekly developer meeting time. Please fill out the poll if you’re interested in weighing in on a time slot. The new meeting time will take effect the week of 2017.02.20.

Note: Please ignore the specific dates in the poll. The poll will display times in your local timezone.

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The dev meeting will be held weekly on Fridays from 12-1pm AZ local time (MST; -0700 UTC). We will have a meeting today at that time and continue with this weekly schedule. Anyone interested is encouraged to join!

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