QIIME 2 on MAC OS vs Linux

Dear Team,
Can you please suggest over that working with QIIME 2 is better on a MAC OS or windows OS installed with Ubuntu with more or less similar specifications i.e 8GB of RAM, i5 processor, 128GB storage.

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Hi @SciCatalyst!
First, a little clerical note - I’ve moved this question into General Discussion, where it’s a better fit. Here’s a good reference on which categories to use for what kinds of questions. Thanks for helping us keep the forum organized! :nerd_face:

The QIIME 2 team works on and with QIIME 2 using pretty much any configuration you can think of - macOS, different flavors of Linux, virtual machines on Windows, and sometimes wild combinations of these. :palm_tree::rainbow::bear: There are occasional quirks any/all of these systems, and I get the impression OS decisions are mostly made based on personal preference. :couch_and_lamp: My gut says you might have a smoother ride on a native unix-like system (like macOS), but that’s also where I have the most personal experience working.

It sounds like differences in performance/specs aren’t an issue for you - how do you feel most comfortable working? Do you have any specific concerns? The install doesn’t take too long, especially if it’s native (non-VM install). Maybe just give it a shot and see what works for you.


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Hi @ChrisKeefe! Thank you for the reply and guiding about the categories and keeping forum organised.
I must say you have pretty good instinct. I have earlier worked with QIIME on Mac OS but have to continue with the Linux based system for now. Lets see how things goes, Ya!
Thank you so much.


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