Q2-picrust2 error

The script worked well. But i got the follwoing error when running qiime picrust2 custom-tree-pipeline command. Any clue on this?

Warning messages:

1: In min(A) : no non-missing arguments to min; returning Inf

2: In max(A) : no non-missing arguments to max; returning -Inf

Error in FUN(X[[i]], …) : ERROR: All tip states are hidden

Calls: lapply -> FUN

Execution halted

Error running this command:

Rscript /Volumes/ARMS/18S_data/Qiime2_SERIBU/deblur_results/deblur_trial/pear_output/picrust2-2.0.3-b/picrust2/Rscripts/castor_hsp.R /var/folders/vs/0vv4fwcd6936b33m07w7ylwc0000gn/T/tmpr1l7nueh/placed_seqs.tre /var/folders/vs/0vv4fwcd6936b33m07w7ylwc0000gn/T/tmpocikcixk/subset_tab_0 pic FALSE FALSE /var/folders/vs/0vv4fwcd6936b33m07w7ylwc0000gn/T/tmpk_hnusep/predicted_counts.txt /var/folders/vs/0vv4fwcd6936b33m07w7ylwc0000gn/T/tmpk_hnusep/predicted_ci.txt 100

Error running this command:

hsp.py -i 16S -t /var/folders/vs/0vv4fwcd6936b33m07w7ylwc0000gn/T/tmpr1l7nueh/placed_seqs.tre -p 1 -n -o /var/folders/vs/0vv4fwcd6936b33m07w7ylwc0000gn/T/tmpr1l7nueh/picrust2_out/16S_predicted -m pic


Hi @ajiwahyu - please see this thread for more info:

Hi @thermokarst, this was the output from the command with the verbose flag.


Sorry, please see the thread I linked to, not just that one post the solution is detailed there. Let us know if you get stuck.

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