Q2-perc-norm error


@cduvallet Thanks for the link.
I followed the tutorial using my dataset but had this error “Input contains NaN, infinity or a value too large for dtype”.
I used the default --p-otu-thresh 0.3. I had some sparse OTUs.

I exported my FeatureTable[PercentileNormalized] file after perc-norm and noted some features assigned “nan” across samples.

What could be the problem?


Q2-perc-norm community plugin
(Claire Duvallet) #2

Hi @prince. It seems like there are some issues with your input Feature Table, but without knowing more about your data I can’t really help you troubleshoot this. You should check that you have all the samples and ASVs you expect, and that the read count values are sensible. Otherwise, I’d recommend trying to run the plugin with an example FeatureTable provided in one of the tutorials to see if it’s an issue with the plugin or with your data. That would be where I’d start.