Q2_dsfdr tutorial?

I’m coming to really like gneiss, but I’d like to make sure I understand all of my differential abundance options.

I’ve installed q2_dsfdr according to https://github.com/serenejiang/q2_dsfdr and see a new entry in my QIIME 2 studio, indicating that dsfdr takes a feature table as input and produces alpha diversity data.

I thought q2_dsfdr was an alternative to ancom or gneiss, for determining what OTUs are differentially expressed in my samples, according to the sample meta data.

Did I get that wrong? Where can I see a worked example?


Hi @mamillerpaq2_dsfdr isn’t an official QIIME 2 plugin (at least at present), so you will need to contact the developers of q2_dsfdr to learn about what tutorials are available, if any. To learn about official QIIME 2 plugins, please check out the docs. Thanks! :t_rex:

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