pulgin error from dada2 and deblur

I am using qiime2-2020.6 version and i am working paired end sequences and imported using phred33 . It has forward and reverse reads in separate files and totally 12 set of files exist. I imported the file and trimmed the sequences. First, i used dada2 pulgin, i didnt get an o/p. So, i merged the pairedend into single end sequences using vsearch, inspite of that i didnt the o/p. I have attached a screenshot of both the pulgins with command and

the log file. Please have a look and any comments would be appreciated!

Thanks for posting your stdout screenshots, @Vishnu_Vijai_Vijayak. I haven’t run into this error before, but another forum user saw something similar. Are you running this on a VM? If so, how much memory have you allocated to it? If this is a “native” installation, how much memory (RAM) does your system have?


Thanks for your response. I am using AWS service and t2 microinstance and the storage capacity is 44GiB

So sorry I lost track of this thread, @Vishnu_Vijai_Vijayak / @Vishnuvijai_Vijayaku!

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I suspect this is an issue with insufficient memory (RAM), not insufficient storage (hard-disk/SSD space). IIRC, T2 micro instances only have 1 GB of RAM, which is probably not enough RAM to run DADA2 on your data.

You might have better luck running it on a personal or institution computer - it may take a little while, but many newer laptops have enough RAM to handle DADA2 on a normal-sized sequencing run.

Hope this helps!
Chris :mosquito:

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