Publicly Available Datasets w/OTU tables & metadata files?

Hello Qiime2 Forum,

I actually have a general question about online resources. I’m in the process of trying to search for websites that contain publicly available data for microbiome studies, specifically OTU table and metadata files. I am not as much interested in the genetic sequences as I am in the frequency of taxonomy for multiple subjects’ microbiome. If you are aware of a great resource that I can find this kind of data to use possibly in Qiime2 as well as other bioinformatics tools, like Explicet, I would appreciate it! It’s been difficult finding OTU specific data to use for my personal research so I figured it would be a good idea to consult with the forum if anyone has discovered any great sources.

Thank you,

Hi @Hasti_A,

Have you explored qiita and redbiom?