Producing .qza feature-table files from OTU tables produced elsewhere

Hi, I have some OTU tables produced by a custom pipeline based on USEARCH and I was wondering if it is possible to create .qza feature tables from these OTU tables so that I can run some of the diversity analysis scripts from QIIME2.


Hi @Silas,

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Have you checked the tutorials on importing data?

You might also find the biom documentation helpful. I'm not sure what format your pipeline outputs, so you may need to convert to the biom format as well.



If this is a usearch-based pipeline, the biom from-uc command in particular might be helpful (if your workflow is generating .uc files). From there, you'd have a .biom table, and converting from those to QIIME 2 FeatureTables is generally straight-forward if you follow the docs that @jwdebelius shared. The biom from-uc command will be available in your QIIME 2 environment - just call biom from-uc --help to get more detail.


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