problem with taxa barplot csv file

I download the csv file and when i open it, all the data is in one column and it is not separated per taxa.

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Excel has an option data -> columns, depending on how they are delimited, you should choose the symbol where they should be and voila. It should be sorted.

As I recall, I think you have to adjust the first row over 1 space. Ben

Thank you for your help!

The data divided per each column, however my titles were lost. I don’t know what is each column

that’s strange - you mean the first row? Ben

It is better if i show you:

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Haha, that’s so strange, ok - one more favor, let me see what it looks like before you do text to columns. I think you may need to transpose the data. ben

looks like this:

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you need to make it only comma seperated. semicolon will split the full taxonomic address so it will mix up the columns. i would suggest transposing it because the taxonomical names are much more longer than sample names, so it would be easier to see what you are looking for.

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Yeah, the table needs to be transposed (x, y) axes need to be switched.

The problem is that your taxonomy is a little weird - not sure why you have random “___” are they all in one cell?


The ‘__’ is because the taxonomy is : k_bacteria;…g_steptococcus…

The data is all in the first column and except the titles from each column .

could you upload the csv or taxa barplot qzv?

Yes, that wasn’t why I was perplexed. I am wondering why excel decided to delimit one and not the other. Ben

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I solve this by trying to open the file in another computer.

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The answer to all of life’s ills. Ben

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In my philosophy, the answer to all life’s ills is to not use MS Excel when you don’t need to.

@annsantos it sounds like excel is reading the file as semicolon-delimited instead of comma-delimited. There is likely a way to change how excel is reading these files by default, or even explicitly set the delimiter it should use. But unfortunately this boils down to an issue with excel, not an issue with QIIME 2 (which appears to be writing the CSV properly). Glad you could solve by switching to another computer!


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