Problem with Beta diversity Box X-axis.

Unfortunately, I could not use phyloseq and Qiime2R packages. So, my last resort is to take screenshots of my results from Qiime2 view I am having problem with X-axis info. some part of words are missed. And in Windows, the PDF files are failed to download. I do not know how to solve this! Could you please help me?
Screenshot from 2021-03-21 10-28-39

Please try to be explicit about your goals and any errors or unexpected behaviors you encounter, so that we can diagnose and support you more effectively. Are you trying to produce figures for publication?

If so, you can:

  • try using a different browser when you download PDFs (Firefox or Chrome, maybe)
  • Rename your sampleIDs to something shorter (perhaps not ideal)
  • Click the “Download the raw data as TSV” link in the visualization (It’s just below " Group significance plots") and plot the raw data with your preferred visualization tool
  • Use an image editor like Inkscape, Illustrator, etc to re-label the axis

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