Problem to share folders


I am not able to share folders in qiime 2. I am performing the standard procedure, but it is not displayed on the desktop. Has there been any change in the procedure that should be done to share folders?

Can someone help me?


The tutorial here is the one you’re following right?

When running commands say this one:

ln -s /media/sf_Desktop ~/Desktop/shared

Did you change the name of sf_Desktop to whatever you have named it?

EDIT: also does the shared folder show up as a drive in the explorer?

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Thanks for your help

this message appears:

umount: /media/sf_Desktop: umount failed: Operation not permitted

I am having difficulty sharing the folder and using qiime 2. Can you indicate any link or video that can help me?

Hi @Camila! Sorry to hear things aren’t going well :frowning:

As @Micro_Biologist asked, did you follow all the steps listed in the install guide? If that doesn’t get you moving, I would recommend checking in with the VirtualBox support forum - we don’t develop VirtualBox, you might be able to get more help from them. That said, I just ran through the install guide and it still looks up-to-date to me.

As a separate question, are you running this on a Mac, or a Windows computer? If you are on a Mac, I would suggest using the Native Install, instead of the VirtualBox. It is typically easier for folks to install, and then you don’t have to worry about things like “shared folders.” Just my two cents!

Keep us posted! :t_rex:

Hi @thermokarst

I followed the steps @Micro_Biologist, created a folder on the desktop but it was not shared. This message appears: umount: / media / sf_Desktop: umount failed: Operation not permitted.

I am using a virtual box in the windowns :frowning:


Hi @Camila — maybe it would be best if you started over with your Virtual Machine? It sounds like something went wrong when following the guide I asked about above. Please try walking through it from the beginning, without skipping any steps and paying attention to all of the text in the guide. Thanks!

Looks to me like it has been unmounted, as stated maybe try again.

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