Problem in visualizing Qiime2 qzv artifact in chrome browser

I am having difficulty in visualizing the Qiime 2 qzv artifact in chrome browser. I am running Qiime2 in a Cent OS based server which is a headless server. The qiime demux summarize command was used to obtain the qzv file. I copied the qzv artifact to my local windows machine then open chrome and went to for visualization, where I dragged and dropped this artifact in the drag and drop and area. I got the following error:

Error: Corrupted zip or bug: expected 36 records in central dir, got 0

I ran the same commands and used same files in Qiime2 virtual box. The qzv artifact created in the virtual box did not show any error when I dragged and dropped that file in the drag and drop area. The qiime2 virtual box is making my windows machine very slow. I would really like to continue my analysis in the server. could you please help me to resolve this problem

sounds like the file is corrupted. Your network connection may have become disrupted when transferring from the server to your local machine.

No. I am using a LAN connection and I have double checked whether the transfer was disrupted. Both the time file transfer was successful. I have also seen the file transfer in detail and it does not show any file disruption during transfer.

check the md5sum at both ends. This file is being corrupted somehow.

Thank you for the reply. I have checked the file size before and after copying. I got both the file size same. In server and windows client machine. Does that confirms that my data isn’t lost?

No, that does not confirm. Use md5sum to check.

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I did the md5sum check as you told I got different md5 values.
in linux : 8d581e7c711f4afcd5ebae0fc1dffb4e
in windows: fd3ba598a56ebcec54435bab1b863348

I can’t understand why it is like this when I download the file from the server everything looks normal. Is there any better way to download the files from server? I am using secure FX to download the files

Use scp to transfer. That should do it!

Hi thank you for the help. That suggestion resolved the problem

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