Presenting ANCOM results

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I am using ANCOM in order to evaluate differences between two experimental groups. I was wondering what is the best way to present the ANCOM results as a boxplot outside of QIIME2?

Thank you!

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Hi @Dana,

I think I’d convert my feature table to my favorite format for my plotting software, and pass that into the software, and then do the plots.
I’d probably only plot the distribution of organisms that are significantly different.


(Dana) #3

Are you using relative or absolute abundance?

(Justine) #4

Hi @Dana,

Like all figures, it feels like this is a “what best represents my data” kind fo question. I tend to do the log2(relative abundance), where relative abundance is calculated with a pseudo-count. I think it best aligns with the data used for ANCOM. But, I might do something else for high abundance organisms where the difference is clear from raw counts.


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