Plugin error: QC using mock community

Hi everyone!

I am using mock community to evaluate our pipeline, I got a plugin error and have been searched for the same problem on the forum but I didn't find any one have a similar error.
For this, I have created an artifact for the observed mock( I filtered them from DADA2 feature table collapsed the features by level 7 and convert it to a [RelativeFrequency]) and download the expected composition. Here is my command:

qiime taxa collapse --i-table mock-observed.qza --i-taxonomy taxonomy.qza --p-level 7 --o-collapsed-table mock-table.qza

qiime feature-table relative-frequency --i-table mock-table.qza --o-relative-frequency-table mock-relative.qza

qiime quality-control evaluate-composition --i-expected-features qc-mock-3-expected.qza --i-observed-features mock-relative.qza --o-visualization qc-mock-3-comparison.qzv
I got the following error:
Plugin error from quality-control:

"None of [Index(['MOCK'], dtype='object')] are in the [index]"

Debug info has been saved to /tmp/qiime2-q2cli-err-csbdgkbr.log

Did I use the wrong mock community( I am targeting 16rRNA V3V4)? if yes, I didn't know much about my mock samples except the taxonomic composition report and the file name (Taxonomy File:|gg_13_5_species_32bp.dat)

mock-relative.qza (56.4 KB)
qc-mock-3-expected.qza (5.2 KB)

I have attached the observed and the expected composition artifact files
Any one has insight on this?


Hi Maysa,

I think the number of columns and column names in the mock-relative.qza (observed mock composition) should be identical to those in the qc-mock-3-expected.qza (expected mock composition). There're 4 different mocks in your qc-mock-3-expected.qza, whereas there's only one observed mock sample, named "MOCK", in your mock-relative.qza. I don't know which mock was used in your study, so I just picked the first one (HMPMockV1.1.Even1) and renamed it as "MOCK", which fixed the problem.

expected.qza (7.4 KB) mock-comparison.qzv (360.5 KB)

Hi @yanxianl- Thanks for your help. I will follow your suggestion in the future. Sounds like I need to select another mock, you made my day!


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