Plugin error from sample-classifier: Random Forest

The following error has been encoutered while running the qiime sample-classifier classify-samples.
I have around 167 samples - the metadata column given for classifer is "subject"- which actually contain 85 healthy and 82 Diseased samples (screenshot of metadata attached just for a clarity).
I have used the same command for another public dataset and it seems to be working perfectly.
Could you please help me out to solve this issue.

Plugin error from sample-classifier:
Linkage must be computed on at least two observations.

Command used
qiime sample-classifier classify-samples
--i-table filtered-table-dada2-PRJNA542015.qza
--m-metadata-file metadata.tsv
--m-metadata-column subject
--p-estimator RandomForestClassifier
--p-n-estimators 20
--p-random-state 123
--output-dir Subject-PRJNA542015;

Hi @devika_CIBA,

Thanks for reaching out, and for providing those details! I'd like to call out this error message from what you provided above:

This message indicates that there is only one class within your data, and sample-classifier needs at least two in order to proceed. Another good example of this error with additional details can be found in this forum post, for reference.

Cheers :lizard: