Plugin error from feature-classifier

It is my first time to train a classifier, and all the previous steps were executed successfully, but when create the classifier using the following command:
##Train the classifier

qiime feature-classifier fit-classifier-naive-bayes --i-reference-reads silva_v132_97_341F-805R.qza --i-reference-taxonomy silva_v132_97_taxonomy.qza --o-classifier silva-341F-805R-classifier.qza

I got this error:
home/anaconda3/envs/qiime2-2018.2/lib/python3.5/site-packages/q2_feature_classifier/ UserWarning: The TaxonomicClassifier artifact that results from this method was trained using scikit-learn version 0.19.1. It cannot be used with other versions of scikit-learn. (While the classifier may complete successfully, the results will be unreliable.)
warnings.warn(warning, UserWarning)

I don’t know what does it mean and what should I do?

Hi @Eman!

You don’t have to do anything it is an informational warning :slight_smile: It is saying that this artifact (unlike most artifacts) is tied to the version of scikit-learn you used.

So it will be fine to use until the version changes (at which point you will get an error anyhow as the artifact also records what version was used).

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