plugin error from diversity!!

I hava a problem during alpha diversity.
here is error code.

Could you please assist?
Thank you!

Hi Hanna,

Thanks for your question!

The requirements noted in the error message are needed in order for alpha-group-significance to pool individual samples into categorical metadata groups.

There are a few possibilities here:

  • you don’t have categorical metadata

Or, you do have categorical metadata, but

  • values are all missing
  • values are all the same
  • values are all unique

In any of these cases, it is impossible to compare groups of alpha diversity values.

There are a couple of different tools we can use to figure out what the case is with your metadata.

Firstly, you can use the inspect-metadata tool, e.g. qiime tools inspect SMT001-metadata.tsv.

If you don’t have a column of the categorical type, then you will need to take a closer look at your metadata after running qiime metadata tabulate. Please see qiime metadata tabulate --help for details.

I hope this helps! Please don’t hesitate to follow up if you need more assistance.


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