plugin error from demux

why i always have a error that :argument to parameter “seqs” is not a subtype of EMPPaired…

Hi @sugakk,
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Most likely because you are using the wrong command. My guess is that you have imported sequences into a demultiplexed format. The qiime demux emp-paired command can only operate on multiplexed EMP format data imported in the correct format.

Any QIIME 2 command will tell you the expected formats if you type --help after the command and hit “enter”. You can use qiime tools peek to report the type/format of any artifact and confirm that your artifact is compatible with the command that you want to use.

If you are still having trouble, please post

  1. the full command that you are attempting to use
  2. the full error message you received (as text, not as a screenshot please)
  3. relevant information about the inputs, e.g., how you imported your sequence data, the output of qiime tools peek, etc.

These are the basic sorts of information that you should always report on this forum when posting a problem so that anyone responding can figure out what is going wrong. Thank you!

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