Plot observed ASVs and OTUs VS. Sampling event

I would like to make a plot in wich number of ASVs and number of OTUs are represented with two different colored lines, comparing their trends with the number of collected samples. I understand that this may be a generic explaination.
In order to be more specific, I ant to do a similar plot to the one represented in figure number 2 of this publication:

There is a plugin that make this plot in QIIME2? Any suggestions?

Thanks for your help!


Unfortunately, there are no such plugins.
I would do it the following way:

  • do a preprocessing in QIIME2
  • export FeatureTable
  • do a taxonomical classification
  • export FeatureTable again collapsed to a species level and FeatureData[Taxonomy]
  • create a custom script for plotting

Good luck!


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