(picrust2_pipeline.py) command error

Hi all,
I had a problem in the following command

picrust2_pipeline.py -s dna-sequences.fasta -i feature-table.biom -o picrust2_out_pipeline -p 12 -r /mnt/c/Bioinfo/miniconda3/envs/picrust2/lib/python3.6 /site-packages/picrust2/default_files/prokaryotic/pro_ref --in_traits COG,EC,KO,PFAM,TIGRFAM

and I got the following error :roll_eyes:
picrust2_pipeline.py: command not found

I wish you can help me :pray:

Hi @sayed,
Looks like you are trying to run the picrust2 stand alone pipeline rather than the q2-picrust2 wrapper. Was this your intention or did you mean to use the QIIME 2 version? If indeed you are having trouble with the stand-alone version my suggestion is to contact the developer @gmdouglas on the picrust2 github page, as you’ll have a much better chance of finding support. If you meant to use the q2-picrust2 plugin then see this tutorial instead and let us know if you have specific issues related to it.


Thanks Mehrbod,
I’m trying picrust2 stand alone pipeline. I sent to developer @gmdouglas, I wish I can get a response soon.
Thanks for your care

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