picrust2 inputs

I hope that you can help me with this
I applied qiime2 workflow on my parkinson data (Dysbiosis of gut microbiota in a selected population of Parkinson's patients - PubMed ).
Now I'm using picrust2 ( Full pipeline script · picrust/picrust2 Wiki · GitHub )
my question concerns the input files : In fact when I used table.qza file generated using dada2 as input for picrust2 I only had intermediate folder as an output whereas when I used asv_table.csv generated after applying taxonomy diversity step I generated all picrust2 output folders.
I'm little bit lost , which input I should use does it .qza from dada2 or csv from taxonomy.

Hi @Dali,
according to the tutorial you linked, the pipeline takes a .fna and a .biom

filepicrust2_pipeline.py -s study_seqs.fna -i study_seqs.biom -o picrust2_out_pipeline -p 1

You can get both of these by running qiime tools export on your table.qza and rep-seqs.qza.

Hope that helps!


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