PiCrust KEGG names

Hello, I am using QIIME PiCrust and I got a feature table. Basically, it counted each of KO genes found across samples.

some thing lie this
Sample 1 Sample2 Sample 3
K00559 1 5 4

K06009 2 2 2

Does any one know where I can find out the the KO genes number related names. It is better to have a list of names of all genes that I can download. So, I can filter the name of my genes out.

Also, I have a pathway abundant table


Some Pathway numbers like above. I also need to know their names.

Thank you.

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Any one knows?


Hi @sdpapet,
Those are Kegg and MetaCyc names,

As an example: MetaCyc biphenyl degradation (That's the 5F9-12 pathway)


Well, I need excel spreadsheet list.

For example,
5F9-12 pathway: MetaCyc biphenyl degradation

I have hundreds of Pathways and KEGG names. I can't search it manually.


Anyone knows this?