Picking a sampling depth

Hi everyone, I am having trouble picking a sampling depth for my data analysis. I have attached screenshots of the table.qzv. Any suggestions on where to start?

Hi @SNOSO, welcome to the forum!
Your question is a bit hard to answer without more context as it really depends on various factors such as your sample source, what your biological questions is, and what is more important to you, keep maximum number of samples vs. high depth samples? This post does go into a bit more detail about this question, can you have a read there and then follow up here with any outstanding questions you may have? It would also be helpful for us to view the per-sample depth in your summary artifact which is on the 2nd tab of window you posted above.


Hi Mehrbod!

thank you for taking the time to respond. I will read through the post you linked in your response. I have also attached a screenshot of the second tab you mentioned.

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